Kimberly S. Benoit – President
Now serves as President of Rainbow Promotions LLC. Kim is a graduate of California State University Dominguez Hills and holds a degree in Business. Kim oversees the day-to-day operating details of the company, the all important following-up on specifics to be sure that all the pieces are efficiently in place. She is instrumental in developing marketing strategies and coordinating all aspects of event planning. She provides the visionary force behind Rainbow’s projects. Over the years, Rainbow Promotions, LLC has set the precedence for keeping jazz alive and increasing public awareness of the art form. The Long Beach Jazz Festival, now in its 29th year, is established as one of America’s premier music events of the summer.

Oswald Benoit Jr. – Vice President and General Manager
Serves as Vice President and General Manager in assisting Kimberly in the day-to-day operation details of the company. In their joint venture, he brings to the table careful analysis and solutions to artistic and business challenges. Mr. Benoit has a military background, serving with the U.S. Marine Corps. His experience also includes over 20 years of managerial history with jazz festivals as well as the Birdland West and Jazz Safari restaurant and night clubs. Mr. Benoit also has previous experience as a network engineer in the telecommunications industry for companies such as MCI Worldcom Communications and Citibank, as well as the aerospace industry for Hughes Aircraft and Douglas Aircraft Companies.



Al Williams – Consultant
Former retired CEO and past President of Rainbow Promotions LLC, Al Williams started the company as a family business over 30 years ago and now serves as a consultant. A professional musician and successful entrepreneur, Al owned and operated the Jazz Safari restaurant and nightclub (adjacent to the Queen Mary) for eight years. In 1972, he launched his career in event promotions when he produced a concert mini-series at the Breakers Hotel in Long Beach and co-founded the Long Beach Carnaval, a two-day extravaganza with five stages, two parades, and featuring Country Western, Zydeco, Latin, Pop, R&B and Jazz music. In 1978, he co-founded the first Southern California Jazz Festival which took place aboard the Queen Mary. He also owned and operated Birdland West restaurant and nightclub (downtown Long Beach) for eight years. In 1987, he founded Rainbow Promotions, LLC and in 1988, he produced the first annual Long Beach Jazz Festival.